Second Year Meeting of AuCAT FIRB 2010 project

"Novel Au(I)-based molecular catalysts: from know-how to
know-why (AuCat)" Cod. RBFR1022UQ funded by the program FIRB "Futuro in
Ricecra" 2010 of the Italian MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research). 

The goal of the AuCat project is to understand the mechanisms of "coinage metal" catalysis, in particolar that of Au(I) in the homogeneous phase. Research is carried out along three main lines:

  1. synthesis, characterization and ion pairing through NMR  (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) techniques;
  2. molecular kinetics and HTE (High Throughput Experimentation);
  3. theoretical investigations including relativistic effects.
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