Peer reviewed:


Maxwell, T. L., Rovai, A. S., Adame, M. F., Adams, J. B., Álvarez-Rogel, J., Austin, W. E. N., Beasy, K., Boscutti, F., Böttcher, M. E., Bouma, T. J., Bulmer, R. H., Burden, A., Burke, S. A., Camacho, S., Chaudhary, D. R., Chmura, G. L., Copertino, M., Cott, G. M., Craft, C., … Worthington, T. A. (2023). Global dataset of soil organic carbon in tidal marshes. Scientific Data, 10(1), Article 1.


Journal Papers

Ceschia, Sara, and Andrea Schaerf. "Multi-neighborhood simulated annealing for the capacitated facility location problem with customer incompatibilities." Computers & Industrial Engineering 188 (2024): 109858. [DOI]

Van Bulck, David, Dries Goossens, and Andrea Schaerf. "Multi-neighbourhood simulated annealing for the ITC-2007 capacitated examination timetabling problem." Journal of Scheduling (2023): 1-16. [DOI]


Journal papers:

H.M.A. Abdalla, D. Casagrande, W. Krajewski, and U. Viaro, “Loewner Integer-Order Approximation of MIMO Fractional-Order Systems”, Applied Numerical Mathematics, DOI: 10.1016/j.apnum.2023.12.011, 2023.

H.M.A. Abdalla, D. Casagrande, and F. De Bona, “Analysis of Stress Concentration in Functionally Graded Plates with Linearly Increasing Young's Modulus”, Materials, vol. 16, art. 6882, DOI: 10.3390/ma16216882, 2023.


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