Journal Papers

Arnaud De Coster, Nysret Musliu, Andrea Schaerf, Johannes Schoisswohl, and Kate Smith-Miles. Algorithm selection and instance space analysis for curriculum-based course timetabling. Journal of Scheduling, 25:35--58, 2022. [DOI ]

Maximilian Moser, Nysret Musliu, Andrea Schaerf, and Felix Winter. Exact and metaheuristic approaches for unrelated parallel machine scheduling. Journal of Scheduling, pages 1--28, 2021. [DOI ]


Journal papers:


D. Casagrande, W. W. Krajewski and U. Viaro, “On the robust stability of commensurate fractional-order systems”, Journal of the Franklin Institute, to appear.

F. Rosset, D. Casagrande, B. Jafarpisheh, P.L. Montessoro and F. Blanchini, “Optimal control approach to scheduling power supply facilities: theory and heuristics”, IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems, DOI: 10.1109/TCNS.2022.3165019, 2022.


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