Journal Papers

Sara Ceschia, Luca Di Gaspero, Vincenzo Mazzaracchio, Giuseppe Policante, Andrea Schaerf, Solving a real-world nurse rostering problem by Simulated Annealing, Operations Research for Health Care, 36,
2023. [DOI]

Sara Ceschia, Luca Di Gaspero, Andrea Schaerf, Educational Timetabling: Problems, Benchmarks, and State-of-the-Art Results, European Journal of Operational Research, 2022. [DOI]


Journal papers:

L. Zanin, N. Tomasi, D. Casagrande, F. Danuso, S. Buoso, A. Zamboni, Z. Varanini, R. Pinton, and F. Blanchini, “A mechanistic mathematical model for describing and predicting the dynamics of high-affinity nitrate intake into maize roots and other plant species”, Physiologia Plantarum, 10.1111/ppl.14021, vol. 175, no. 5, 2023.


Journal papers

  1. Sara Ceschia, Luca Di Gaspero, Andrea Schaerf. Simulated Annealing for the Home Healthcare Routing and Scheduling Problem. In: Dovier, A., Montanari, A., Orlandini, A. (eds) AIxIA 2022 – Advances in Artificial Intelligence. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2023. [http]


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