Language Lab- Current Projects

The Language Lab is at the moment involved in the following studies:

1) Keeping the route and speaking coherently: The hidden link between spatial navigation and discourse processing

2) Impact of emotional regulation on the process of lexical selection: a TMS study

3) Analysis of communicative skills in persons with TBI

4) Recovery of verbal communication in aphasic persons: functional models and new intervention procedures (RECOVER)

5) Anatomo-functional correlates of narrative language processing

6) Behavioural and neurophysiological aspects of communicative-pragmatic abilities in healthy individuals and pathological conditions: assessment and rehabilitation

7) The role played by executive functions in narrative language processing in SLI

8) Towards a definition of the linguistic phenotype in Autism Spectrum Disorders: a comparison with Speech Language Impairment

9) Improvement of metaphonologic skills in 3-years-old children: reducing health inequalities?

10) Language development in preterm children.

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