Beekeeping for rural development

If you are interested in the activity we carried out to promote beekeeping among kenyan secondary school students to strenghten their livelihoods, you can find some information in the following article:

Research and eductaion for sustainability in a beekeeping project in sub-Saharan Africa. Environment, Development and Sustainability, June 2014, Volume 16, Issue 3, pp 619–632


Basically, in our project, we merged research (to understand local bees and apiculture, to develop suitable rearing techniques and equipment, to organize an effective teaching program) and education (to reach young students), in order to strenghten the livelihoods of people living in the central highlands of Kenya.


Together with the students involved in the project, we realized a beekeeping manual containing also the projects for the self-making of all the equipment needed to successfully implement the techniques explained in the text.

The book:

Starting with Bees: An Introduction to African Beekeeping

Forum, 2012

is available at:


This activity was carried out in collaboration with:

Dr. Desiderato Annoscia

Dr. Simone Del Fabbro

Dr. Fabio Del Piccolo