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Sharing Reflection and Awareness: Learning to Teach English as a Foreign Language. Udine: Forum Editrice. 2004.

Discourse about Literature: The Interpersonal Function in English and Italian Undergraduate Writing. Collana di Anglistica. Udine: Campanotto Editore. 2000.

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Bortoluzzi M. 2017. Multimodal Awareness in Ecology Discourse for Children EducationLe Simplegadi Vol. XV-No. 17 pp 126-139.

DOI: 10.17456/SIMPLE-61


Bortoluzzi M. and Marenzi I. 2017. Web searches for learning. How language teachers search for online resources. Lingue e Linguaggi. 23, 21-36.

ISSN 2239-0367, e-ISSN 2239-0359 

DOI 10.1285/i22390359v23p21


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Print ISBN978-3-319-96564-2

Online ISBN978-3-319-96565-9

Scopus code: 2-s2.0-85052670847


M. Tibau, S. W. M. Siqueira, B. Pereira Nunes, M. Bortoluzzi and I. Marenzi, 2018. ‘Modeling Exploratory Search as a Knowledge-Intensive Process’, 2018 IEEE 18th International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT), Mumbai, 2018, pp. 34-38.

ISSN: 2161-377Xdoi: 10.1109/ICALT.2018.00015

Scopus: 2-s2.0-85052511928

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Published translations

In collaboration with Barbara Cauzzo De Luca:

L’approccio comunicativo all’insegnamento della lingua straniera: naturalmente razionale o razionalmente naturale? di Janez Skela. Le Simplegadi, 2008, 6, 6:


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