Curriculum vitae di Sonia Calligaris


Sonia Calligaris

Education and actual position

Sonia Calligaris is since 2018 associate professor in the Department of Agriculture, Food, Environmental and Animal Sciences of the University of Udine, Italy. She obtained her PhD in Food Science and Technology from the University of Udine in 2003 and her MSc in Food Science and Technology from the same University in 1998. Just after the PhD she started her research activity with post-doc positions and thens as senior research scientist at the university of Udine.


Institutional roles and boards membership

From 2019 – Member of the Scientific committee of the Active Ageing Group of the University of Udine.
From 2019 - Representative of the Department of Agri-Food, Environmental and Animal Sciences in the Master Commission of the University of Udine

From 2012 - Coordinator of Erasmus project for bilateral agreement between UNIUD and the University of Lubljiana (Slovenja).

Member of the scientific society SISTAL

Member of the scientific Italian group GSICA


Editorial Activities

From 2020 – Editor-in-Chief of Food Structure Journal (Elsevier)

2019 – Associate Editor of Food Structure Journal (Elsevier)



National prize of the best PhD thesis in Food Science and Technology of XV cycle  “Carlo Lerici”


Part of the group winning the National innovation Prise


Winner of the prize for the best pubblication within Agrucutural Faculty of Uniud.


Teaching activities


-          Fat and oil technologies (Food Science and Technology Course -UNIUD)


-          Development and implementation of food quality and safety management systems; shelf life assessment (Food Science and Technology Course -UNIUD)

-          Food transformation technologies (Animal Breeding and Welfare Course -UNIUD)


-          Coffee industrial processes (Master in Science & Economics of Coffee UNIUD-UNITS)


-          She has been supervisor of many BSc, MSc and PhD students in Food Science and Technology.


Research activity


S. Calligaris’s research efforts focus mainly on food structure and related functionalities. On this topic she specialises in the areas of food biopolymers and colloids, lipid crystallization, oleogelation, development of food-based structured delivery systems for probiotic bacteriaand bioactive components. Moreover, her interest focus also on the development of shelf life prediction models as well as application of novel technologie in food science.

She has published more than 90 peer-reviewed papers, has contributed to a number of books as author, has lectured at a number of national and international symposia, conferences, workshops.


Bibliometric data (Scopus 31/07/2020) since the first publication: total number of publications: 90; H index: 24.



She is co-invert of one patent on the development of a fat substitute. N.102016000069429, 2016.


Scientific responsibility at international and national research projects

2010 - present: She is coordinator of a number of research projects financially supported by industrial partners.

2011-2014. Participant in the Cost Action FA1001. The application of innovative fundamental food-structure property relationships to the design of food for health. Ente finanziatore: UE. Participant.

2011-2016: participant in the project MIUR “From nutrigenetics to nutraceutics: development of synergic and integrated actions for the development of tests, diets and foods able to improve the public well-being and prevent food related diseases” project. Art. 13 e D.M. 593, 8 August 2000 (Unit participant).


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