My research interests focus around : 

  • Lexis and Grammar Interface in French and Italian; 
  • Language of Health Care;
  • Variation in French (Canadian French).

I am currently working on interrogative subordinate clauses and on verbal communication in healthcare: I am particularly focusing on the access to information by the user/patient, especially in a multilingual context.


I obtained a Degree in Foreign Languages at the University of Venice in 1998, in 1999 a Master in Linguistics, and in 2003 a PhD in French Linguistics at the University of Brescia, co-directed in UQÀM. 


In 2000 I was awarded a teacher's diploma for secondary school as the result of a national competition by titles and exams: French Language and Literature (classes A245, A246) and English Language and Literature (classes A345, A346). 

In 2004 I held the position of Post-doc researcher at the University of Venice. From 2005 to 2015 I was a Lecturer at the University of Udine. In 2015 I was appointed Associate Professor of French Linguistics, always at the University of Udine.


I participated in projects on microvariation in syntax (U.Venice 2004); synonymy (PRIN 2005-2007); multilingualism and pluricentric literatures (U. Udine 2009-2012); the discourse of mediation (U. Padua 2011-2014); multilingualism and enterprise (U. Udine 2012-2013); European Universities' network on Multilingualism (U. Oberta de Catalunya 2011-2014). With the LIGM, I have been contributing to a project aiming at the creation of a compared lexicon-grammar of romance languages. At the U. Udine I am the leader of a project on plurilingualism in healthcare, and a teaching unit about effective multilingual communication (workshops on writing and translation). The project is having an outcome on science dissemination.

Scientific network

I collaborate with the team "Modèles et algorithmes" of the Gaspard-Monge computer science research laboratory (LIGM) at Université Paris-Est. I am a member of the Scientific Committee of the International Centre on Plurilingualism and collaborated with the European Universities Network on Multilingualism (EUNoM). I am a also member of the Do.Ri.F. ("Grammaire et Syntaxe" group) and the Centre for Women's Studies of the University of Turin. I collaborate with the Canadian Culture Centre and the Centre on Friulan language and culture of the University of Udine. 

I am a member of the editorial board of the journal  “Lingue antiche e moderne” and have collaborated with Italian and international journals as a scientific reviewer (Lingvisticae Investigationes, Quaderni Donne & Ricerca, Synergies Italie - Gerflint), Quaderns d'Italià and for their book review section (Studi francesi, Publif@rum, Ponts, Oltreoceano).

I published a book (L'interrogative insaisissable) and I edited several collective books, among which the proceedings of the yearly conferences of the Bocconi University Language Centre, and of the international conference I organized with Sonia Gerolimich Plurilingualism and the Labour Market. I contributed to the organization of several international conferences, also as a member of the scientific committee.

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