My research interests focus around : 

  • Lexis and Grammar Interface in French and Italian; 
  • Language of Health Care;
  • Variation in French (Canadian French).

I am currently working on interrogative subordinate clauses and on verbal communication in healthcare: I am particularly focusing on the access to information by the user/patient, especially in a multilingual context.


I obtained a Degree in Foreign Languages at the University of Venice in 1998, in 1999 a Master in Linguistics, and in 2003 a PhD in French Linguistics at the University of Brescia, co-directed in UQÀM. 


In 2000 I was awarded a teacher's diploma for secondary school as the result of a national competition by titles and exams: French Language and Literature (classes A245, A246) and English Language and Literature (classes A345, A346). 

In 2004 I held the position of Post-doc researcher at the University of Venice. From 2005 to 2015 I was a Lecturer at the University of Udine. In 2015 I was appointed Associate Professor of French Linguistics, always at the University of Udine.


I participated in projects on microvariation in syntax (U.Venice 2004); synonymy (PRIN 2005-2007); multilingualism and pluricentric literatures (U. Udine 2009-2012); the discourse of mediation (U. Padua 2011-2014); multilingualism and enterprise (U. Udine 2012-2013); European Universities' network on Multilingualism (U. Oberta de Catalunya 2011-2014). With the LIGM, I have been contributing to a project aiming at the creation of a compared lexicon-grammar of romance languages. At the U. Udine I am the leader of a project on plurilingualism in healthcare, and a teaching unit about effective multilingual communication (workshops on writing and translation). The project is having an outcome on science dissemination, in the platform HFVG Healthcare in Friuli Venezia-Giulia.

Scientific network

I collaborate with the team "Modèles et algorithmes" of the Gaspard-Monge computer science research laboratory (LIGM) at Université Paris-Est. I am a member of the Scientific Committee of the International Centre on Plurilingualism and collaborated with the European Universities Network on Multilingualism (EUNoM). I am a also member of the Do.Ri.F. ("Grammaire et Syntaxe" group) and the Centre for Women's Studies of the University of Turin. I collaborate with the Canadian Culture Centre and the Centre on Friulan language and culture of the University of Udine. 

I am a member of the editorial board of the journal  “Lingue antiche e moderne” and have collaborated with Italian and international journals as a scientific reviewer (Lingvisticae Investigationes, Quaderni Donne & Ricerca, Synergies Italie - Gerflint), Quaderns d'Italià and for their book review section (Studi francesi, Publif@rum, Ponts, Oltreoceano).

I published a book (L'interrogative insaisissable) and I edited several collective books, among which the proceedings of the yearly conferences of the Bocconi University Language Centre, and of the international conference I organized with Sonia Gerolimich Plurilingualism and the Labour Market. I contributed to the organization of several international conferences, also as a member of the scientific committee.

Science dissemination

HFVG ( is a trilingual Italian-French-English website dedicated to disseminating the operation of Friulian health services. It is the result of a strategic project of the Department of Foreign Languages (DILL) started in 2016, which saw an active collaboration with the Department of Mathematics (DMIF). 

Started with the aim of educating the students in effective multilingual communication, it has been selected in the Uniud XL offer of the European Social Fund, and has seen the commitment of several classes of students and tutors in Udine and Gorizia. Many students had the opportunity to work with Sonia Gerolimich for the French language, Nickolas Komninos for the English language, and Antonina Dattolo (DMIF) for the computer part.

The site has been re-launched by some local newspapers and radio newspapers.


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