Curriculum vitae

I am a computer scientist, and my interests include –but are not limited to– hybrid systems, formal verification, systems biology, and algorithms. Most of my works are theoretical, particularly those on analyzing hybrid systems. Nevertheless, I love to establish new collaborations with groups working in the applicative domain to face real-world problems and propose unconventional solutions for them. To cite few examples, this attitude led me into the automotive field, where I collaborated with Magneti Marelli and STMicroelectronics as part of the PARADES (Project for Advanced Research of Architecture and Design of Electronic Systems) into the structural genomics, where I developed software (GAM) to integrate the genome drafts produced by two different assemblers, and into the physiology domain, where I implemented a brain speller that improves the spelling performance of locked-in subjects. I worked at Exelio to develop event identification using the IMU of their main product, GPExe. I was part of a group at the University of Trieste that suggested a novel approach to ease the identification of respiratory asynchronies in mechanically ventilated patients. In recent years, I collaborated with Prof. Fabris and Prof. Girometti to develop formal tools for evaluating and comparing diagnostic exams based on information theory. Moreover, I worked on SAPO, a software tool for analyzing discrete-time dynamical systems with polynomial dynamics. My approach to problem-solving goes from modeling to implementation, and when possible, I develop software adopting the most convenient programming language. My professional goal is to face new challenges and use my skills to help in their solutions.