Reviewer- Editorial

He has served as reviewer of different scientific journals: 

FEBS letter, Cell Death and Differentiation, Nature
Cell Biology, Oncogene, Journal of Biological Chemistry, British Journal of
Pharmacology, Journal of Experimental Biology, European Journal of Applied
Physiology. International Journal of Cancer, Cell Research, Molecular and
Cellular Biochemistry, Vascular Pharmacology, Cancer Research, Leukemia,
Molecular and Cellular Biology, Molecular Cancer Therapeutic, J. Molecular
Biology, Journal of Clinical Pathology, BMC cancer, Cancer letters, FASEB J,
Haematologica, Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Current molecular
medicine, PlosONE, Carcinogenesis, Exp. Cell Res., Apoptosis, BMC-Biotec. Cell
Biochemistry & Function, Cell Biology and Toxicology, Cell Death and
Disease, Molecular Cancer, Epigenomics, Cell Biochemistry & Function


Editorial Board - Memberships

Drug Resistance Updates. Elsevier

AJTR - American Journal of Translation Medicine


BMC - Cell Biology

Journal of Cancer Therapeutics and Research


Reviewer – Research Grants  

Association for Cancer Research, Swiss National Science Foundation, ICGEB
(International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology). Università di
Padova, Foggia, dell’Insubria e Napoli, Research Grant Council, Hong-Kong, MIUR (PRIN e FIRB). Swiss Federation
Against Cancer. Czech Science Foundation (GACR), Agence Nationale de
la Recherche (France), Israel Science Foundation (Israel).
Romanian Evaluation Process,
Wellcome-trust (UK).