Alberto Gambi took his PhD in Industrial Chemistry in 1971 at the University of Bologna with summa cum laude. Thereafter he spent two years in the Chemical Laboratory of  a pulp and paper factory, where he projected and realized the plant for the treatment of water outflow.

From 1973 he began the academic career (firts at the University of Venezia and then in 1991 at the University of Udine) reaching all degrees up to become Full Professor of Physical Chemistry. Alberto Gambi spent two years of research at the University of Giessen (Germany) working with  prof. Manfred Winnewisser and other shorter periods at the University of Paris-Sud (Orsay - France) with Dr. Guy Guelachvili and the University of Wuppertal (Germany) with prof. Hans Buerger.

The reasearch activity of Alberto Gambi mainly concerned the study of molecular properties by means of infrared spectroscopy in order to determine the molecular and spectroscopic constants of these molecules and supply a complete assignment of the vibrations and/or rovibrations involved into the absorption of the infrared radiation. To deal with these researches, prof. Gambi did take care of both experimental part - using several spectroscopic techniques as grating spectrometers, Fourier transform interferometers and tunable diode lasers (in this case he contributed to the assembly) - and computational part, through the writing of many programs to handle and digitize the spectra, do linear fitting to Hamiltonians in order to determine the molecular parameters, spectra simulation, etc...  In many instance, the theoretical aspects of Darling-Dennison and Fermi resonances or Coriolis interactions have been deeply analyzed to better understand some features of the spectra. As far as the kind of reaserch carried out are concerned, the following aspects were investigated: a) normal coordinates studies and vibrational assignment of aromatic compounds, b) rovibrational analysis of High-Resolution spectra of diazirine, halogenated derivatives of methane and ethylene and difluoromethaneimine. c) Ab initio calculations of molecular and spectroscopic parameters. From few years Alberto Gambi's research is tending to the accurate determination of spectroscopic parameters like rotational constants, centrifugal distortion constants, vibration-rotation interaction constants, etc... through quantum mechanical calculations. The accurate evaluation of  potential energy surfaces, harmonic and anharmonic force constants, quadrupole nuclear coupling constants, etc.. allow to guide the spectra interpretation and assignment. 


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