CV Daniela Cesselli

POSITION: Fixed-term researcher at the Department of Medical and Biological Sciences in the competition sector 06/A4 Anatomical Pathology, pursuant to art. 24, clause 3, letter a) of Law n. 240 of 30.12.2010.



1998: MD degree; University of Udine; Faculty of Medicine. Degree grade: 110/110 with honors.


2002: Specialization in medical Oncology; University of Udine; Faculty of Medicine; School of specialization in Medical Oncology; Director: Prof. C.A. Beltrami. Degree grade: 70/70 with honors.


2006: PhD; University of Siena; Faculty of Medicine; PhD program in “Quantitative and molecular diagnostic pathology” - XVIII ciclo. Director: Prof. L. Leoncini.




-      Habilitation for Associate Professor in SSD 06/A4 ANATOMICAL PATHOLOGY, from 07/01/2014 to 07/01/2020.

-      Habilitation for Associate Professor in SSD 05/F1 APPLIED BIOLOGY, from 22/01/2014 to 22/01/2020.

-      Habilitation for Associate Professor in SSD 06/N1 SCIENCES OF HEALTH PROFESSIONS AND APPLIED MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES, from 09/06/2014 to 09/06/2020.




June 2012-today:Coordination of the Biomedical Research Group within the European Grant, 7FP, Ideas, ERC Advanced Grant ”Molecular Nanotechnology For Life Science Application: QUantitative Interactomics for Diagnostics, Proteomics and QUantitative Oncology, (Quidroquo-QPQ-) proposal n. 269025. P.I. Prof. G. Scoles ( University of Udine, Department of Medical and Biological Sciences. The project overall aims to develop and apply the most innovative technologies for the understanding of highly debilitating and fatal diseases, such as cancer, heart disease and neurodegenerative diseases. Since nanotechnologies are particularly suitable for analytes and events that are small in number (e.g. stem cells and circulating tumor cells), or size (e.g. exosomes) or concentration (e.g. circulating miRNAs), we are exploring our clinical issues taking advantage of nano-devices for the study of patient-derived stem cells, exosomes and miRNAs. The ultimate goal is therefore to profoundly affect the life of patients by improving diagnostics, providing new prognostic systems and improving the criteria for the choice of the therapeutic strategy, pursuing, as much as possible, a personalized patient-based approach.

The group includes 2 Research Associates, 5 Post-Docs, 4PhD students.


July 2009 – July 2013: Principal investigator of Young Investigator Grant, Italian Ministry of Health, GR-2007-683407: “Employment of Adipose tissue derived Multipotent Adult Stem Cells for cardiovascular regeneration”. Interdepartmental Center of Regenerative Medicine; University of Udine


11/4/2011-18/4/2011: Research associate at the Experimental Cardiovascular Medicine

Bristol Heart Institute, Bristol Royal Infirmary, Bristol, UK. Collaboration with Prof. P. Madeddu in a project focused on the study of the impact of cardiac stem cell (CSC) senescence on the CSC regenerative potential.


6/3/2010-2/4/2010: Visiting scientist at the Brigham and Women's Hospital, Department of Anesthesia, Boston, MA, USA. Collaboration with Prof. A. Leri on a project focused on cardiac stem cell senescence


15/2/2009-29/2/2009; March-May 2005. Research associate at the Brigham and Women's Hospital, Department of Anesthesia, Boston, MA, USA. Collaboration with Prof. P. Anversa on a project focused on cardiac stem cell senescence


December 2006 – May 2010: Research scientist at the Interdepartmental Center of Regenerative Medicine; University of Udine. Organization and coordination of a research group focused on the study of human gliomas.


January 2003 – December 2008: Research activity at the Institute of Pathology held by Prof. C.A. Beltrami, University of Udine. Organization and coordination of a research group together with Dr A.P. Beltrami focused on the isolation and characterization of multipotent adult stem cells from several human tissues. Use of stem cells in cardiac, hepatic and neural regenerative medicine. Stem cells in human ovarian, liver and brain cancer.


January 2000 – January 2003: Research Fellow at the Cardiovascular Research Institute, New York Medical College, Valhalla, NY (USA) directed by Prof. P. Anversa. Identification and characterization of cardiac stem cell niches in a normal murine model.




54 publications in peer-reviewed journals (total IF 317, H-index 23; i10index 32; total number of citation 2847; source: Google Scholar, 12-04-2016).


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5 chapters in international peer-reviewed books:

-      Cesselli D, Beltrami AP, et al. (2013). Human Low Grade Glioma Cultures. In: Diffuse Low-Grade Gliomas in Adults. Springer, ISBN: 978-1-4471-2212-8.

-      C. Avellini, D. Cesselli, A.P. et al. (2013). Conditions that Predispose to the Development of HCC: The Role of Tumor Associated Fibroblasts and of microRNA, Hepatocellular Carcinoma - Future Outlook, Dr. Ahmed Kaseb (Ed.), ISBN: 978-953-51-1202-0, InTech, DOI: 10.5772/56951.

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-      "Rebuilding the Failing Heart" - Lugano, 9th-10th May 2016.

-      DEPArray™ User Meeting. Bologna 10th-11th 2015.

-      DEPArray™ User Meeting. Bologna 2nd-3rd December 2014.

-      Advanced School on Synchrotron Radiation Techniques and Nanotechnology: A Synergic Approach to Life Sciences and Medicine. Cape Town Campus, Stellenbosch, South Africa. 11th-22nd November 2013. Research Seminar: Rare Cell Detection. Summer school.

-      7th Conference
on Experimental
and Translational
Oncology. 20th - 24th April 2013, Portoroz, Slovenia. Title: “Glioma-associated stem cells predict prognosis of human low-grade gliomas”.

-      Modern Approaches to Research and Treatment of Cancer (Part A). 24th - 28th April, 2013 in Piran, Slovenia. Title: “Tumour-supporting Stromal Stem Cells in Low- and High-grade Gliomas”. Summer school.

-      Meeting: "Basic research, diagnosis and clinics of the Niemann Pick type C disease in Italy" Udine, 26th June 2013. Title of the presentation: “Animal and cellular model of NPC”. ECM accreditation.

-      The European CLINAM & ETPN Summit, Basel, June 23rd-26th, 2013. “Nanotechnology application to a novel cell based personalized in vitro model of neurodegenerative diseases”.

-      Joint ICTP-KFAS Conference on Nanotechnology for Biological and Biomedical Applications (Nano-Bio-Med), 10 - 14 October 2011, Miramare, Trieste – Italy. Title: “ADVANCES AND PROSPECTS OF NANOTECHNOLOGY IN STEM CELL”.

-      3rd Notthingam Image Analysis Training School, Practical Image Analysis in Pathology. Dipartimento di Scienze Matematiche e Informatiche con il patrocinio della Facoltà di Medicina dell’Università degli Studi di Udine. 23-24 Giugno 2011. Title: “A case study: easy fluorescence quantification”.


Scientific Collaborations


Department of Medical and Biological Sciences: Dr. Miriam Isola, PhD; Prof. Irene Mavelli, PhD; Dr. Cinzia Puppin, PhD; Dr. Valentina Rapozzi, PhD; Prof. Francesco Curcio, MD; Prof. Fabio Puglisi, MD PHD; Prof. Gianluca Tell, PhD; Prof. CE Pucillo, MD, PhD; Dr. Gaetano Vitale, PhD.


University Hospital of Udine: Dr. Miran Skrap,MD,Dr. Tamara Ius, MD PhD,Neurosurgery Department; Prof. Ugolino Livi, Cardiosurgery Department; Prof. Fabio Puglisi, MD PhD, Oncology Department; Prof. Pier Camillo Parodi, Dr. Lara Lazzaro, MD, PhD, Clinic of Plastic Surgery; Dr. Bruno Bembi, MD, Dr. Andrea Dardis, PhD, Regional Coordination Centre for Rare Diseases


Italian collaborations: ICGEB Trieste (Director M. Giacca): Dr. Serena Zacchigna, MD PhD, Staff Research Scientist, Molecular Medicine; CIB/LNCIB Trieste (Director C. Schneider): Dr. Roberto Verardo, PhD; Dr. Silvano Piazza, PhD; Dr. Francesca De Marchi, PhD; ELETTRA Sincrotrone Trieste: Dr. Loredana Casalis, PhD, Coordinator of the NanoInnovationLAB; Dr. Pietro Parisse, PhD,INSTM - ST Unit Post-Doc; Dr. Paola Storici, PhD, Senior Research Scientist; CNR-IOM Basovizza Trieste, Dr. Marco Lazzarino, PhD, Scientist; Dr. Laura Andolfi,PhD, Post-Doc; Dr. Dan Cojoc, PhD, Senior Scientist; IOV, Padova: Dr. Rita Zamarchi, MD; Institute of Applied Genomics:Prof. M. Morgante,PhD,Director; Dr. Federica Cattonaro, PhD, Lab Director; IRCCS Foundation Institute for Neurology "Carlo Besta", IFOM-IEO-Campus, Milan, Italy: Dr. Silke Krol, PhD; University of Ferrara: Prof. Roberto Ferrari, MDPhD,Department of Medical Sciences; University of Trieste: Prof. Maurizio Prato, PhD and Dr. Tatiana Da Ros, PhD, Carbon Nanotechnology Group; Guidalberto Manfioletti, PhD, DSV; University of Verona: Prof. Marco Colombatti, MD and Dr. Giulio Fracasso, PhD, Department of Pathology and Diagnostics.


International collaborations: Prof. P. Madeddu, MD, Chair of Experimental Cardiovascular Medicine and Head of the Section of Regenerative Medicine, School of Medicine, University of Bristol, UK; Prof. Costanza Emanueli, PhD, Professorial Research Fellow in Vascular Pathology & Regeneration, Bristol Heart Institute, School of Clinical Sciences, University of Bristol, UK; Prof. Tamara Lah Turnsek, Ph.D, Director of the National Institute of Biology, Slovenia; Prof. Radovan Komel, PhD,University of Ljubljana, Medical Center for Molecular Biology, Slovenia; Prof. Ario de Marco, PhD, University of Nova Gorica, Center for biomedical sciences and engineering, Slovenia; Istitute Curie, Paris, France; Dr. Enrico Ferrari, PhD,Senior Lecturer, School of Life Sciences, College of Science, University of Lincoln, UK; Prof. Alessandro Vindigni, PhD,Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Saint Louis University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri, USA.


GRANT ACTIVITY (2010-2015)


Principal Investigator

-      Italian Ministry of Health: “Young Investigator”. “Employment of Adipose tissue derived Multipotent Adult Stem Cells for cardiovascular regeneration”. GR-2007-683407. € 600.000. 4 Operative Units (University of Udine, LNCIB, ICGEB, Scuola Sant’Anna).

Contribution to the writing and execution of the following

-      Advanced Grant ”Molecular Nanotechnology For Life Science Application: QUantitative Interactomics for Diagnostics, Proteomics and QUantitative Oncology, (Quidroquo-QPQ-) proposal n. 269025. P.I. Prof. G. Scoles

-      AIRC 5 per mille. Title: “Application of Advanced Nanotechnology in the Development of Innovative Cancer Diagnostics Tools”. Rif. 12214. 2012-2014. PI G. Toffoli. Project Partner: CA Beltrami (University of Udine).

-      Programma per la Cooperazione Transfrontaliera Italia-Slovenia 2007-2013. Title: “Identificazione di nuovi marcatori di cellule staminali tumorali a scopo diagnostico e terapeutico”. 2011-2013. Coordinator: Tamara Lah (NIB Lubiana). Project Partner CA Beltrami (Azienda Ospedaliero University of Udine).

-      FIRB Accordi di programma 2011. Title: “FIERCE – FInd nEw moleculaR and CEllular targets against cancer”. Pr. RBAP11Z4Z9. 2012-2014. Coordinator: M. Giacca (ICGEB). Project Partner CA Beltrami (University of Udine).

-      FIRB accordi di programma 2011 pr. RBAP11ETKA_007 “Nanotechnological approaches for tumor theragnostic”. Coordinator: Maurizio Prato. Project Partner AP Beltrami (Università di Udine).



-      Medicine and Surgery, One-long cycle 2nd Degree course. Official teaching: Anatomical Pathology, S.S.D. MED/08 (2012-today).

-      Health Biotechnologies (Biotecnologie Sanitarie), 2nd Level Degree Course. Integrated course of Regenerative Medicine. Official teaching: Reconstruction of tissues and organs - Biotechnological products for diagnostics, imaging and thearpy S.S.D. MED/08 (2009-2010); Experimental and diagnostic techniques - S.S.D. MED/08 (2012-2014; 2015-today).

-      Degree in Obstetrics (for certified professional obstetricians) [772] (L2 - DM270). Integrated course principles of oncology, breast and sexology. Official teaching: Anatomical Pathology, S.S.D. MED/08 (2014/2015).

university of Udine


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-      Bachelor in BIOMEDICAL LABORATORY TECHNIQUES. Integrated course of histopathology and cytopathology. Official teaching: Anatomical Pathology, S.S.D. MED/08 (2009/2010).

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