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Dr. Emanuele De Paoli is a plant genomics researcher and associate professor of Agricultural Genetics with a molecular biology background. He specializes in plant epigenomics and bioinformatics with additional interests in structural genomics, genetic engineering, and genome editing. He contributed bioinformatic expertise in the field of small RNA biology and evolution as well as post-transcriptional regulation in Arabidopsis, Petunia, cereals and other crop species. He participated as a miRNA specialist in different plant genome projects involving crop species, crucial nodes of plant evolution and ecology-relevant plants. He is further developing his research in epigenomics by focusing on the characterization of mechanistic aspects of DNA methylation and the role of epigenetics in plant stress, genotype x environment interactions, genome organization and development. He was also involved in public and private funded projects for biopharming and metabolic engineering of plants and microorganisms where new genome editing and gene targeting technologies are applied. His laboratory management responsibilities and expertise include organizing, monitoring and performing activities in bioinformatics, molecular biology and genomics as well as plant and microorganism genetic transformation. 

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