curriculum vitae

Personal information

Name: Rurale Flavio

Born: Monza (Milan, Italy), 20th July 1958

Citizenship: Italian

Contact: University of Udine, Department of Humanistic Studies and Cultural Eritage

e-mail: flavio.rurale [at]


Education background

Post-Doctorate Research Grant, Faculty of Letters, University of Study of Milan, 1992-1994

Ph.D. in History, 1991

Degree in Modern History, Faculty of Letters, University of Study of Milan, 1985


Professional appointments

Coordinator of the Master's Degree Course: Studi Storici dal medioevo all'età contemporanea, 2016-

Member of  the Research Doctorate in "History of Societies, Institutions, and Thought from Medieval to Contemporary Age, Univerity of Trieste and University of Udine, 2013-

Associate Professor,  University of Udine, Faculty of Letters, 2005-

Researcher in Modern History, University of Udine, Faculty of Letters, 1995-2005

Member and Secretary of the Research Doctorate in “History: Structures and cultures of border regions”, University of Udine 2001-2013

Advisor of the "Archivum Historicum Societatis Jesu" 2005-


Teaching fields

Early Modern History

European Modern History

Pre-United Italy History (XV-XVIII century)


Research Interests 

Religious Orders in Spanish Italy, Jesuit History (XVIth-XVIIth century, Roman Church History, XVIth-XVIIIth century.

He is active in the following research topics:  the relationship between politics and religion, the temporal power of the local ecclesiastical authority, the patronage network which permeated also the ecclesiastic world, the cultural and political role of the Regular Clergy and Roman Church in the Spanish Italy. He dwells, in particular, on the activity of the Jesuit theologians, confessors and preachers in the north-Italian courts of the ancient regime.



He has given a number of seminars and lectures in European and American Universities, where he gave papers and contributions to some conferences, such as:

-Escuela Española de Historia y Arqueología en Roma-CSIC, Rome, 21 april 2016, “La storiografia italiana sui secoli XVI-XVII. Categorie interpretative e prospettive di ricerca”, paper: Religione e politica: “chierici” e “laici”;

-Biblioteca Ambrosiana (MIlano): convegno “Milano, l’Ambrosiana e la conoscenza dei nuovi mondi (secoli  XVII-XVIII)”, Milano 27-28 november  2014: papaer “Gli ordini regolari. Strategie, concorrenza, conflitti”;

-Universidad Comillas (Madrid), 20-22 june 2011, "Los Jesuitas. Religion, politica y educacion (siglos XVI-XVIII)", paper: "La politica cortesana en la C. de Jesus" (he was member of the scientific committee);

-Universidad Autonoma (Madrid), 13-16 December 2010, "La Corte en Europa. Politica y religion (siglos XVI-XVIII)", paper: "Ordini religiosi e politica nelle corti italiane del XVII secolo: la teoria, le pratiche";

-Versailles (Paris), 24-26 september 2009, "Les cours en Europe: bilan historiographique", paper: "Court and Religion in the early modern catholic Europe";

-University of Cork (Ireland), University College, Department of Music, May 18-19, 2007, “Sexualities, textualities, art and music in early modern Italy”, paper: “Aristocratic culture and sexuality. Some notes about prelates and religious clergy in Sixtheenth Century italian courts”;

-American Academy in Rome, December 12-14, 2003, “Politics and Society in Spanish Italy”, paper: “Male Religious Orders in Sixteenth-Century Italy”;

-University of Santiago del Cile, 14-18 July 2003, 51° Congreso Internacional de Americanistas, "El primer siglo jesuita en el Virreinato del Perù, 1587-1667", paper: "The european point of view: culture and politics in the Society of Jesus under Claudio Acquaviva (1581-1615)";

-Paris, Château de Maisons-Laffitte, December 1, 2001, Société d’étude du XVII siècle, "La Cour entre la Grâce du prince et celle de Dieu", paper : "Les religieux à la Cour et la conscience du prince" ;

-Barcelona, November 23-28, 1998, Sociedad Estatal para la Conmemoración de los Centenarios de Felipe II y Carlos V, “Felipe II y el Mediteraneo”, paper: “Politics and Religion in Spanish Milanesado”;

-Toronto, October 22-26, 1998, Sixteenth-Century Studies Conference: “Jesuits History under Everard Mercurian, 1573-1580”, paper: "The Jesuits in the North Italy: Religion, Rhetoric and Politics"

-Georgetown University at Villa le Balze, Fiesole, Florence, October 20, 1995: he himself convened a conference of the “Centro Studi Europa delle corti” on theme: “Theology, Politics and Diplomacy: the religious Orders in early modern age”;

-University of London, February 24, 1994, “Italian History and Culture”, paper: “Regular clergy in the Italian Courts of the Ancien Regime”;


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