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Degrees and positions

Degree in Mathematics from the University of Turin, 1975.

Research fellow of the CNR of Italy at the University of Turin 1975-1978.

Research Scholar at the Courant Institute of New York University and at the University of California, Santa Barbara (ref. M.Davis), a.y 1978/1979.

Research Associate at the University of California, Berkeley (ref. L.Harrington), a.y. 1979/1980.

Researcher at the University of  Turin 1980/1987.

Visiting Associate Professor, UC Santa Barbara, 1987.

Professor of Mathematical Logic at the University of Udine since 1987.

Visiting professor at the Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, 1992 and 2013.

Dean of the Faculty of Sciences 1992-1995 and fron 1.10.2010 to 30.9.2012.

Since 1.10.2012 Head of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.



Arithmetical and set-theoretic formal systems. The decision problem for fragments of Set Theory. truth-value semantics and proof-theory for the logic of partial terms ([2]-[8],[10]-[17],[19]-[31]).


In the a.y. 1987/1988 he has introduced the teaching of Mathematical Logic at the University of Udine in the curriculum in Information Sciences, which has maintained in the curriculum of Informatics, when it became a compulsory course nationwide. Upon teh starting of the "curriculum generale" of the laurea in Mathematics, he joined it to take charge of the course of "Istituzioni di Logica Matematica" and, eventually, he has taken the responsability of the basic compulsory course in Mathematical Logic in the new three year laurea in Mathematics. In the  a.y. 1988/1989 he also taught a computer science course (Metodi per il Trattamento dell'Informazione) and, since the a.y. 1990/1991 throughthe a.y. 1995/1996, a course on the foundations of logic programming (Elaborazione dell'Informazione Non Numerica [9]). In the a.y. 1996/1997 he was given the duty, which he has maintained since then,  to teach a course in the Foundations of Mathematics,  which was required in order to establish the curriculum for teachers of Mathematics. In teh a.y. 2011/2012 he has also taught an advanced course in Set Theory. Furthermore he has delivered a number of courses in the Specialization School for High School Teachers (SSIS) and at the Scuola Superioreof the University of Udine; a course in Set Thepory at the national summero school organized by the Italina Association for Logic and its Applictions (AILA); a course in Logic and Logic Programming at the Internationa School of Fundamentals of Compouter Science fro Developing Countries organized by Unesco at the International Center for Mechanical Sciences (CISM) as well as a course in a national school in  Artificial Intelligence at the same institution.


He has been the laurea advisor for many studentes and has helped some of them to start a scientifica career, notably A.Marcone and A.Policriti. He has also been the Ph.D in Mathematical Logic and Computer Scienze advisor of D.Belle'.



He is a referee for various international journals such as the Journal of Symbolic Logic, the Journal of Philosophical Logic and the Review of Symbolic Logic.



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