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Prof. Rosanna Toniolo

- She took her degree in Chemistry in 1986 at the University of Padua. 
-   From 1987 to September 1988 she carried out her research activity at the Department of the Environmental Sciences of the University of Venice, profiting of an ENI – fellowship.

-   From September 1988 to may 1999  she was employed at Eniricerche Monterotondo (Rome), Analytical Chemistry Section. The activity conducted in this period dealt with the development and optimization of analytical methods for the control of industrial waste.

-   From 1989 to 1990 she got a National Research Council (CNR) Fellowship, at the Institute of Polarography and Preparative Electrochemistry (IPELP), Research area of ​​Padua.

In this period she carried out electroanalytical investigations concerning the development of modified electrodes for the determination of metal ions.

-   Since December 1990, she was engaged as Researcher in Analytical Chemistry at the Department of Chemical Sciences and Technology of the University of Udine.

-   Since September 2000 up to now, she is Associate Professor of Analytical Chemistry, at the Department of Chemical Sciences and Technology of University of Udine, until 2010, then at the Department of Food Science and now at the Department of  Agrifoood, Environmental and Animal Science of the University of Udine.

-   In 2017, she gained the National Scientific Habilitation for the role of Full Professor of Analytical Chemistry by Italian Ministry of Education University and Research.

-   Member of  doctorate schools in  "Food and Human Health", from 2012 to present, in "Food Science" from 2007 to 2013 and in “Chemical Technologies and Energy" from 2006 to 2007.

-   Coordinator of the Chemistry Section at the Department of  Food Science, from 2012  to 2015.

-   Member of the Division of Analytical Chemistry of the Italian Chemical Society (SCI).

-   Her research activity has been mainly directed to studies concerning general analytical chemistry and in particular electroanalysis. The results of her investigations can found applications in the following fields: environmental and food analysis, corrosion and electrocatalyzed processes
Her scientific interests include: (i) Mechanisms involved in electrochemical processes;(ii) Development and optimisation of analytical methods and their application to food analysis;(iii) Electrochemical detectors for flow analysis; (iv) Ion-exchange voltammetry; (v) Redox-properties of biochemically active species; (vi) development of electroanalytical sensors for gases and nonconducting solvents based on on electrodes covered with ion-exchange membranes; (vii) Development of electroanalytical sensors for environmental and food analysis; (viii) Development of microwave digestion approaches for the pre-treatment of food samples; (ix) Application of the ICP-MS approach to the determination of toxic metal release in food; (x) Development and optimisation of analytical methods using microchip electrophoresis; (xi) Development of electroanalytical  gas sensors based on ionic liquids and deep eutectic solvents

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