Curriculum vitae et studiorum

Claudia Di Sciacca teaches Germanic philology and linguistics at the University of Udine.
She completed her MA in English and German at the University of Palermo in December 1996 and eventually pursued her interest in Anglo-Saxon Studies at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, where she received her PhD in January 2003. Her doctoral studies were entirely funded by the British Academy – HRB, Emmanuel College, the Cambridge European Trust, the H. M. Chadwick Fund, and the Dorothy Whitelock Studentship.
From January 2000 to April 2007, she taught Germanic Philology as a full-time lecturer at the University of Turin before moving to the University of Udine to take up a position of associate professor of Germanic Philology. She eventually became full professor at the same university in December 2019.
Her research activity has chiefly focused on Old English prose and the interaction of Latin and vernacular within the essentially bilingual literary culture of Anglo-Saxon England. She has also dealt with aspects of Germanic lexicology and glossography, as well as of the Anglo-Scandinavian language contact. She is the author of Finding the Right Words: Isidore’s Synonyma in Anglo-Saxon England, Toronto Old English Series 19 (Toronto: UTP, 2008), co-editor of six books, and has published extensively in international collections of essays and journals.
She has attended a number of both national and international conferences and presented papers and invited talks in Batalha (Portugal), Bergamo, Bergen, Bologna, Cambridge (UK), Göttingen, Granada, Kalamazoo (MI), Lausanne, Leiden, Munich, Oxford, Oviedo, Padua, Palermo, Rome, Stavanger, Turin, Udine, Urbana-Champaign (IL), Vienna, and Vigo.
She was awarded the J. W. Fulbright Research Scholarship in 2013 and the Snorri Sturluson Fellowship in 2010.
She has long been involved in the international research project Sources of Old English and Anglo-Latin Literary Culture (SOEALLC, formerly SASLC), and since May 2017 she has been a member of its editorial board. She is also a member of the editorial board of the journals 'Germanica' (formerly 'AION – Sezione Germanica') and Lingue antiche e moderne, as well as of the series of Germanic philology and linguistics 'Bokareis'.
She is a member of the International Society for the Study of Early Medieval England (ISSEME, formerly ISAS) and of the Italian Association of Germanic Philology (AIFG).
She has reviewed a number of publications on behalf of the 'ANGLIA Book Series' (de Gruyter), 'Brill’s Companion to the Christian Tradition Series' (Brill Publishers), 'Di/Segni' (University of Milan), ‘Testi del Medioevo Germanico’ series (Meltemi Publishers), and of the Pavia University Press. She has also reviewed contributions for the journals 'Filologia Germanica – Germanic Philology', 'Lingue antiche e moderne', 'Philological Quarterly', and 'Viator'. Finally, she has acted as a referee for the Italian Ministry of Education and Research (MIUR) for the Research Quality Valuation (VQR) – the Italian equivalent of the British REF –, and for the national research funding programme PRIN.