• I was born in Grado, Italy, in the previous millennium
  • I received my `Laurea' (Master degree) in `Scienze dell'Informazione' (Computer Science) at the University of Udine with full marks on March 7th, 1991. The title of my thesis was La Programmazione Logica con Insiemi (Logic Programming with Sets) and it was a joint work with Enrico Pontelli; my advisors were Gianfranco Rossi and Eugenio G. Omodeo.
  • I received my PhD degree in `Informatica' (Computer Science) from the University of Pisa on October, 16th, 1996. The title of my thesis was Computable Set Theory and Logic Programming and my advisor was Alberto Policriti (see Abstract of my PhD thesis).
  • From April 16th, 1997 to October 31st, 2001 I was employed as a `ricercatore' (something like `assistant professor') at the University of Verona.
  • From November 1st 2001 to November 30th 2016 I was employed as `associate professor' at the University of Udine
  • Since December 1st 2016 I am employed as (full) Professor of Computer Science at the University of Udine where I'm coordinating the CLP LAB.
  • Since 1997 I have taught many courses including Information Theory, Computational Complexity, Cryptography. Currently I'm teaching Automated Reasoning at the master's level and Foundations of Computer Science at the Bachelor's level. For the last course I have co authored this Book (by Bollati Boringhieri)
  • My research interests include: Logic Programming, Constraint Programming Languages design and applications, Computational Biology, Action Description Languages, Graph Algorithms, and Computable Set Theory.
  • I am author or coauthor of ~150 international publications (GS page) and supervisor of ~150 bachelor, master, or PhD theses.
  • I have coordinated several research projects (FIRB, PRIN, INdAM-GNCS, ...)
  • I have been chair or in the PC of more than 120 conferences and workshops (more details here)
  • I served in the EC of the italian association for logic programming GULP and of the international association for logic programming ALP.
  • I served as president (two terms) of the italian association for logic programming GULP (2012-2018)
  • I served as member of the 01/B1 ASN Board, November 2018-September 2021.
  • I am associate editor of AMB (series on constraints and bioinformatics), since 2012, and area editor (constraints) of TPLP, since 2016.
  • I am editor of the ALP newsletter, since 2010.
  • I am head of  bachelor and master Computer Science course programs of the University of Udine, since Oct 2016 (second term).
  • I am member of the EC (Giunta) of the GRIN association, since November 2020
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