1955 - Born in Bolzano (Italy)
1979 - Degree in Agriculture, University of Padua, cum laude
1981 - Research scientist at the Institute of Agricultural Machinery, University of Padua
1982 - Assistant Professor of Agricultural Machinery, University of Udine
1985 - Associate Professor of Agricultural Mechanisation, University of Udine
1985 to 1986 - Director, Institute of Crop Production, University of Udine
1990 - Visiting professor, Bundesforschungsanstalt für Landtechnik, Braunschweig (Germany)
2007 - Professor of Agricultural Machinery, University of Udine (present position).

Agricultural mechanisation (1985-1998), Equipment for food processing (1998-99), Machinery and equipment for horticulture (1999-2002), Mechanisation in viticulture (2002-present), Vineyard establishment and planning (2002-2008), Agricultural mechanics (2005-2006), Forestry machinery (2008-2009), Advances in Vineyard machinery (2005-present), Agricultural machinery (2006-present), Technology and Plants for renewable energy (2013-2014).

Machinery for forage harvesting in mountain areas (1980-83)
Mechanisation of grape harvesting and vine pruning (1982-95)
Product losses and grain quality during combine harvesting of wheat, corn, soybean, and rice (1984-91)
A stripper header for wheat and rice combine harvesting (1988-91)
Development of a robotised system for feeding and milking dairy cows (1990-94)
Precision agriculture and yield mapping procedures (1997-2003)
Energy from agricultural biomass (2005-2015)
Most of recent work has been devoted:
- to the improvement of spray equipment and application techniques, in order to reduce environmental adverse affects and improve product quality (1994-2010);
- to the analysis and prevention of the hazards and risks associated with agricultural machinery (2006-present).

Major achievements
Prototype interseeder for second-crop cereals (1990)
A three-point experimental dynamometer for draft measurement during field operations (1993)
An electrically powered fruit picking cart (1994)
Methodology for spray deposit assessment from agricultural sprayers (2001)
Guidelines for sprayer calibration to improve deposition and minimise off-target losses (2005)
Prototype air-assisted tunnel sprayer for vineyards (2009)
An Improved Safety Device for Electric Chainsaws (Patent, 2011)
Cross-border Network of Excellence (Interreg IV, 2012, Unit leader)

Current projects (Granting Organization, position)
- AGRES Bioenergy from vine, olive and hazelnut pruning residues (Ministry of Agricultural policies, scientist)
- Establishment of a regional inspection system for pesticide application equipment (ERSA, Project leader)
- ProMOSic Protezione degli Operatori di Macchine Operatrici da Schiacciamento, Impigliamento, Cesoiamento (INAIL, scientist).

AIIA, Italian Society of Agricultural Engineering (Member of Directive board)

ENAMA Working Group on spray application equipment (National Board for Agricultural Mechanisation, ENAMA)
Member of the Department’s Commissione paritetica
Frequently consulted as a referee by Biosystems Engineering, Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, Crop Protection, Journal of Agricultural Engineering and other scientific journals.

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