Curriculum Vitae et Studiorum

Barbara Motyl is assistant professor of Design and Methods for
Industrial Engineering (09/A3  - ING-IND/15) in the Department of Electrical
Management and Mechanical Engineering of the Università degli Studi di
Udine, since September 2009.

Her research activities focus on: new
product development, product data management (PDM, PLM), product innovation strategies, Reverse
Engineering, Rapid and Virtual prototyping, Computer-Aided Design, and
Biomechanical modelling.

In 2002 she received the Master
Degree (laurea V.O.) in Management and Industrial Engineering from the
Università degli Studi di Udine, and in 2006 a Ph.D degree in Industrial
and Information Engineering from the same University. During the doctoral
program she spent three months within the Department of Mechanical
Engineering (CIELab) of Carnegie Mellon University of Pittsburgh-PA,
USA, under the supervision of prof. Kenji Shimada.

From 2002 she has
been part of different national (PRIN) and regional research projects.

She is author of more than 30 papers published in International Journals
and in proceedings of International Conferences.

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