Breve profilo Brunello Lotti (English) e in allegato curriculum aggiornato (English)

Prof. LOTTI Brunello

Associate professor of History of Philosophy, Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, University of Udine, Italy

Academic qualifications

2012-2014 Coordinator of the MA Degree in Philosophy instituted with the cooperation of the University of Trieste and the University of Udine.

2007 Associate Professor of History of Philosophy, University of Udine

2001 Researcher in History of Philosophy, University of Udine

1998-2000 Scholarship in Early Modern History of European thought (Department of Philosophy, University of Udine).

1995 PhD in Philosophy of Religion, University of Perugia (Italy.

1979 University Degree (Laurea, 4 years) in Philosophy, University of Pisa.

1979 University Degree (4 years) in Philosophy, Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa.


Professional experience

1982-1990 Full time employee in several publishing houses: as editor for Longanesi (Milan), and for Calderini (Bologna); as press officer and responsible of public relations for Maggioli (Rimini) and Pàtron (Bologna); as editor for Vivarium (Naples).

1995-1998, free-lance translator for RCS Libri (Milan).


Teaching (2016-2017)

1. BA degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Udine, course: History of Philosophy. 

2. BA degree in Humanities,University of Udine, course: History of Philosophy.

3. MA degree in Philosophy (University of Trieste - University of Udine): History of modern philosophy.



 Main Areas of research: Early modern British philosophy with particular regards to: a) history of the Platonic tradition (Cambridge Platonism); b) the relationship between philosophy of nature and theology; c) the reception of Cartesianism in England; d) Berkeley's immaterialism.

Already Member of the research program on “Descartes and the Cartesian paradigm” (national coordinator: prof. Carlo Borghero: University of Rome – La Sapienza), funded by Prin 2007. Now member of the research unit of the University of Rome - La Sapienza (local supervisor: prof. Carlo Borghero)involved in the research program "Atlante della ragione europea (XV-XVIII secolo). Tra Oriente e Occidente" (national coordinator: prof. Michele Ciliberto - Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa). The program has been funded by Prin 2010-2011. The subject of my research is "The argument from design and the criticism of mechanicism in the Boyle lectures (1692-1720)".

Member of the research project on the "History of the problem of universals" directed and coordinated by Professor Francesco Del Punta (Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa), section on modern philosophy (coordinated by prof. Stefano Di Bella). I attended the International Conference on "The problem of universals in Modern Philosophy", Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, 7-9 november 2011, in which I presented a paper on " 'Eternal and immutable rationes rerum': universals in 17th century English Platonism".

Member of the ISNS- The International Society for Neoplatonic Studies. I attended the ISNS Tenth International Conference (Cagliari 20-24 June 2012) where I presented a paper on "The Theory of Ideal Objects and Relations in the Cambridge Platonists (Rust, More and Cudworth)".

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