Biotechnology in Animal Reproduction

The aims of
the course are to provide the essential knowledge for understanding and
manipulating the biology of reproduction of domestic and laboratory animals.
The course will also address major biotechnology applied to animal

The estrous
cycles of females and, in particular, the techniques for synchronization and
superovulation of the embryo’s donor and recipient females will be described.
During the course gametogenesis, in vivo fertilization, embryonic and fetal
development will also be described.

procedures for in vivo and in vitro gametes and embryo collection, for in vitro
oocyte maturation and fertilization, will be also treated in both domestic and
laboratory animals. The course will deal with techniques for oocyte nuclear
transfer (cloning), for obtaining transgenic animals and their possible use in
animal production and biomedicine, for the embryo and sperm sexing, for the
cryopreservation of gametes and embryo, the cryobanking of the genetic
resource, and the principal pathologies due to the application of
biotechnologies of reproduction (epigenetic defects).

Laboratory activity on rabbit superovulation and
embryo collection and evaluation will be also organized.

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